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All exhibitor vehicles must have the proper parking pass prominently displayed at all times when accessing the parking lot. All vehicles must be parked in legitimate, clearly marked standard parking spaces in the Northwest parking lot of Suburban Collection Showplace. Parking in fire lanes, in front of marked exits, on islands, or any other non-paved areas will not be permitted at any time. The Suburban Collection Showplace reserves the right to tow, at owner's expense, any vehicle improperly parked on its site without prior notification. No overnight parking of any vehicle, truck, trailer etc. will be allowed without proper authorization.


Exhibitor Entrance and Exit

Without exception, all exhibitors will be required to park in the Northwest parking areas and enter the building from the North entrances ONLY.

All parking on the South and East sides of the building will be reserved for event attendees. Move-in will be permitted through the designated area determined for each show. At no time is move-in permitted through the facility’s lobby or pre function spaces. This rule will be strictly enforced by Security and Suburban Collection Showplace personnel.


Vehicle Washing

During bad weather months, any vehicle (for move-in or display) brought into the facility will be required to be hosed off prior to entrance.



The Suburban Collection Showplace reserves the right to inspect all cartons, packages, containers or coolers brought in or out of the facility at any time.



Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited from being brought into Suburban Collection Showplace.



Suburban Collection Showplace is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed outside in designated smoking areas. No doors may be propped open for any reason, at anytime, as it is a violation of the fire ordinance.


Signs & Tape

All signs and banners must be hung only by authorized personnel. At no time will exhibitors be allowed to adhere anything to the walls or columns. Exhibitors will be strictly prohibited from using any unauthorized style of tape or adhesive substance within the facility, including the "show floor". Absolutely no tape will be allowed on the walls & columns, and only the specific, acceptable types are allowed on the floors. Duct tape, plastic double sided tape, and masking tape are strictly prohibited! Only cloth backed, carpet tape will be allowed. Proper tape can be purchased from the service desk.

Any damage caused by the use of unauthorized adhesive substances will be billed to the damager.



Exhibitors are prohibited from bringing in flammable advertising/decorating materials to the facility. All such material to be used for decorative or advertising purposes must first be treated with a flame-retardant, and such use shall be in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and municipal fire and safety rules and regulations. All flammable liquids and gases are prohibited without prior written consent from the Suburban Collection Showplace.



The Suburban Collection Showplace does not allow helium tanks within the building or on the premise. Exhibitors with prior approval can have helium balloons to decorate their booth, but may not hand balloons to attendees.

A charge will be applied to retrieve balloons from the ceiling.



Exhibitors who will have a display vehicle within their booth must adhere to the following:

  1. Disconnected battery

  2. Less than 1/8 of a tank of gas

  3. Locked or taped gas cap.



Exhibitors must follow these electrical rules:

  1. No cords allowed on the ground in foot traffic areas or under carpet

  2. Cords without a ground are not permitted

  3. All cords must have 3 prongs and may not be damaged

  4. Fusible cord strips must be used in any multi plug situation

  5. No cube taps are allowed.

  6. Any display that uses water must have a G.F.I.

Please contact our Director of Expo Services, Terri Freytag, with any further questions you may have at 248-348-5600 ext. 205 or


Emergency Equipment

Any type of emergency equipment, entrances or exits shall not be blocked or obstructed under any circumstances.



If you plan on having any type of food samples as part of your display you will need to call the Oakland County Health Department for a proper license. If you plan to sell any type of food item you must receive prior approval from the Suburban Collection Showplace. If you have specific questions, please contact our Exposition Food and Beverage Manager, Mark Lyman, at 248-348-5600

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