EXP - AIR (Connection ½ inch)

EXP - AIR (Connection ½ inch)

Water service is 3/8” poly pipe with shut off. Any required connections are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Drains are provided via pump. Power outlet in booth is required for drain but may be connected with other equipment. If draining any tub or unit, a small amount of excess water will remain. Exhibitors should use caution when moving units in the building. Compressed air connection ½ inch.



$50.00 per hour straight time

$75.00 per hour overtime


    Rates quoted include bringing of service to the exhibit booth. All wiring of electrical work on exhibitor displays are charged on time and material basis. Tagging of equipment for proper voltage, phase, connections, etc. is exhibitor’s responsibility. Exhibitors using sensitive electronic equipment should provide their own power conditioning. BOCO Enterprises and/or Suburban Collection Showplace are not responsible for voltage or frequency variances. FULL PAYMENT must accompany order to receive advance rate. NO EXPECTIONS!

    Advanced ordering deadline: Five (5) days prior to first move-in day. All orders received after deadline or on-site are subject to the advanced floor rate. Any orders requiring collection during or after the show are subject to the floor rate, including declined credit cards. Prices subject to change at discretion of BOCO Enterprises only.